The Beginning


I decided to start this project in the first week of April 2013. At this point in film lore history, the world has seen several hundred thousand films produced, filmed, screened, dissected and shelved. The goal of this project is to focus on the best of the best: the top 503 films ever nominated for the coveted “Best Picture” Award at each year’s culminating Academy Awards gala.

There have been, of course 86 “Best Picture” winners; most recently, and surprisingly to some, is Ben Affleck’s “Argo.”

But this pantheon of excellence as deemed by the politics of their day includes over 400 other films that have fallen short, just missing the chance to be etched into history as the film that best captured the hearts and minds of the eager filmgoer. This is where this project comes in: I will track down a copy of each and every film whose title has ever been spoken aloud last on the night of the award. I’ll watch it and report back with a brief commentary; a review of sorts.

Down to it: I did a quick statistical analysis to know where I stand – how much work I have ahead of me. As of April 9th, 2013 I have seen 94 of the 503, a little over 19%. Now, considering how many awful fantastic movies I’ve watched (including, for some reason, several viewings of Tommy Wiseau’s “The Room”) I’m proud of this number. For the purposes of this blog, it gives me a nice place to start. Here’s where I stand: Continue reading